Finding Parking Near Me

“How can I find parking near me?” Toronto drivers are asking this question in every area of the city. Parking can be difficult at the best of times, and it’s especially tricky if you don’t have a driveway or a garage that can accommodate all of your family’s vehicles. Street parking isn’t always convenient or even available when you need it, and it doesn’t protect your car from the elements. So how can you find secure and affordable parking in your neighbourhood?

You may find the answer online, on a space sharing website. Space sharing is an innovative concept that uses internet technology to match people who need storage space with people who can provide it. A good space sharing company will link you to a neighbour with garage space to rent, and help you to design a rental agreement.

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Finding parking in Toronto can be incredibly frustrating, but no more so than in the downtown area. With higher volumes of people moving into downtown, parking space is at a premium. Older city homes often don’t include driveways or garages, and apartment dwellers don’t usually have underground lots. In addition, many times condo dwellers don’t opt for purchasing spots in their buildings, which can add many thousands of dollars onto the purchase price.


If you’re struggling to find a place to park your vehicle on a daily basis, you should investigate the possibility of renting a spot from a neighbour, through a space sharing website. Once you register on a site, you can browse through options in your area that may include driveway spots, or available garage spaces.


Simply apply for a space and wait to hear from the host. If the host is interested in renting to you, the site will provide a legal agreement setting out the terms of the rental, which both parties must sign. Payments are made through the company’s platform, using a secure system such as PayPal.


Investigate the possibility of space sharing today, and ease your parking woes!